Stream new old Aphex Twin demos

According to an ever increasing number of near reliable sources Aphex Twin today posted a series of ‘early demos’ up on the Soundcloud using the user487363530 (are those the last nine digits of Richard d James’s mobile number?) acount. Stream two of the tracks below, while you can visit here for the rest. Meanwhile the Twinster released his new EP ‘Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2′ today on Warp Records.

TWENTY YEARS ON: The Black Dog – ‘Spanners’

By Philip Neeson

‘Spanners’, released 20 years ago this month, was to be East Anglian electro/IDM crew The Black Dog’s third and final album as a trio (Andy Turner and Ed Handley soon left founding member Ken Downie to concentrate on Plaid).

It is hard– two decades on– to make a clear and outright decision on which of these first three albums is their finest. 1991’s Bytes’ is possibly the most obscure and– certainly at the time– most original, most out-there, record. ‘Temples of Transparent Balls’, sandwiched between the two (it was released in 1993), is arguably the most accessible, conventional (none of their famous ‘fillers’ are present), and perhaps the most beautiful.

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Arty instrumental beat duo Vision Fortune share new single ‘Dry Mouth’

‘Dry Mouth’ is the first single lifted from art school beat-and-sample instrumentalers Vision Fortune. Not having heard the album ‘Country Music’ in full yet– it’s not out until February 9 via ATP Recordings– we can only say that this tune is like a cross between dance-punk trio Liars at their most horizontal, and LA cut’n’pace electro hip-hop odddballers Co La.

Archdeacon Of Pop Records: Preaching to the Unconverted

By John Hartley

Record Store Day is on the 18th April this year. I’m starting the official backlash now, here. As we search the internet for rumours of exclusive limited edition double gatefold heavy vinyl (coloured, naturally) releases by artists on major labels desperate to jump on the bandwagon, someone high up at Clinton Cards is already working out which part of their store to dedicate to RSD cards to send to our vinyl-loving friends and loved ones. And it totally misses the point.

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Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese dies

Being a website that loves its techno and electronica it’s only fair we mention the passing of Tangerine Dream founder, and ever-present member, Edgar Froese, who this week passed away aged 70 in Vienna of pulmonary embolism.

Froese never really viewed his band as techno influencers, though their prog electronic-focused compositions were certainly ahead of their time, and especially evident in the mid 90s trippy/hippie festival ambient/electro scene that included the wonderful Astralasia (check 1993’s ‘Twilight Wolrd’ below), Eat Static, Knights of the Occasional Table and many more.

Of course, their sound can still be heard today. Alongside fellow German krautrock/electro innovators Neu! and Can Tangerine Dream’s influence shall continue to be heard.