We talk to ambient/sound creator Sound Awakener

Field recording/electronic artist Nhung Nguyen AKA Sound Awakener’s new EP entitled ‘September Traveller’ is a collection of pieces set to accompany a photo exhibition by Irene Cruz in Berlin. The musician spoke to us briefly about the release, what field recording means to her, and her approach to sound.

DPAK – your new release, the collection of some early recordings entitled ‘September Traveller’ is also the soundtrack to an Irene Cruz photographic exhibition. how did this all come about? had she heard your music previously and, likewise, have you viewed any of her other exhibitions?

I discovered Irene’s music by chance on Vimeo. After that I sent her an email expressing my impression and interest at her work, along with my soundcloud link. I felt something in my music close to her works and she realised that too. She enjoyed my piano works and asked me if I could record a short track for her upcoming video (the track was eventually called ‘The call is Fading’ and released in September Traveler).

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The Flatmates — You Held My Heart

By John Hartley

Record Store Day is on the 18th April this year. I’m starting the official backlash now, here. As we search the internet for rumours of exclusive limited edition double gatefold heavy vinyl (coloured, naturally) releases by artists on major labels desperate to jump on the bandwagon, someone high up at Clinton Cards is already working out which part of their store to dedicate to RSD cards to send to our vinyl-loving friends and loved ones. And it totally misses the point.

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Puzzlecuts — Like A Human Being

download (1)By John Hartley

When legendary indie rocker Aristotle grunged the lyrics to his hit single “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” he quite possibly had in mind Michigan’s Puzzlecuts. Self-proclaimed “constantly-songwriting hermit” Matt clearly has an ear for not only a good guitar melody but also how he wants the rest of the instruments to fit together around it. He is also writes quite poetically. The problem for Puzzlecuts is that the lyrics and the tunes do not always seem to match each other with the result that the majority of tracks on their debut album sound, well, mismatched.

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Belle And Sebastian — Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance

By John Hartley

I bumped into some old friends the other day. I hadn’t seen them for a while; five years it transpired. It was really pleasant catching up with them and I ended up spending an hour in their company. They hadn’t changed much at all really, to the extent that it felt like I’d only seen them a few days before. They had news, of course. I enjoyed hearing about their Slavic encounters and the tale that stemmed from these was most enchanting. I didn’t realise they could be quite so adventurous.

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BEST OF 2014: Mega Emotion list their favourite tracks of 2014

Pop-orientated electro-rockers Mega Emotion kindly give us some of their favourite cracking tunes of 2014, and their reasons behind those chosen. Visit the Mega Emotion official website here.

Caribou – I Can’t Do Without You
‘Bubble filtered vocals build in a driving brain-meltingly repetitive trance.’

SHRINES – Beetle
‘Any song with the chorus “I’m so bored, so bored, out of my fucking mind” is a winner. Hypnotically slow and catchy. Released on the awesome Gravy Records label.’

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BEST OF 2014: The 10 tunes Blue Tapes/X-Ray Records wish they had released in 2014

The excellent sound art/strange objects label Blue Tapes/X-Ray got in touch with us to tell us the top 10 tunes they wished they had released during 2014. Below is that list. We guess it’s their best of 2014. At least at the time of writing. Find Blue Tapes/X-Ray here.

1. Constantina – Pelicano (listen here)

2. Jenny Hval & Susanna – O Sun O Medusa/A Mirror In My mouth

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The Fall album titles get a gangsta rap makeover

‘Live At the Bitch Tales’ (Live At the Witch Tales’)

‘It Takes A Nations Saving Grace of Millions To Hold Us Back’ (‘This Nation’s Saving Grace’)

‘Slates, Ho’s’ (‘Slates’)

‘The Marshall Mathers Suite’ (‘The Marshall Suite’)

‘Odd Future Our Clutter’ (‘Your Future Our Clutter’)

‘I Am Kurious Oranj Jumpsuit’ (‘I Am Kurious Oranj’)

‘All Heads Roll’ (‘Fall Heads Roll’)

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SIDE ONE TRACK ONE #6: The Fall – Live At The Witch Trials

By John Hartley

For any artist the first song on an album is an important matter. It is a statement of intent, a signpost to the informed listener as to where the artist is hoping to take the aural journey, a signpost to the casual listener as to whether the rest of the album is worth a listen. On an artist’s debut album the song takes on even greater significance: the wrong choice could seriously damage future prospects whilst another song could define imminent immortality. This series will evaluate the all-important debut openers from an alphabetical collection of yesteryear indie albums.

6. The Fall – Live At The Witch Trials

It’s now thirty five years since The Fall first graced the album racks in your local record shop. Much has changed since then. Albums on vinyl have been usurped by those on cassette which in turn have been usurped by those on compact disc which in turn have been usurped by those in MP3 (which in turn have been usurped by those on cassette— Ed.). I bet you don’t even have a local record store anymore. On the other hand some things change not on iota: winter still follows autumn, England don’t win World Cup Finals, and Mark E Smith still churns out his –uhs and –ahs as if his life depends on it.

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