Lutine to release debut album via Front And Follow, listen to single ‘Sallow Tree’

The debut album from Brighton’s Lutine, ‘White Flowers’ gets a release from the nice folk at Front And Follow Records on September 29. In the meantime you can watch the leaves begin to fall from the trees whilst listening to pre-album single release, the nature-giving ‘Sallow Tree’. Check out the album’s lovely artwork and packaging above, and you can also watch the ‘Sallow Tree’ video below.

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SINGLE FOCUS: Karen O, Pulled Apart By Horses, Sea Pinks, Zero 7, Big Ups

Karen O — ‘Rapt’

Karen O takes a break from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s severe loss of form to release her own album ‘Crush Songs’, which comes out next week. This sounds like a less pretentious / more stoned Lana Del Rey. You can decide if that makes it good or bad.

Pulled Apart By Horses — ‘Hot Squash’

Getting their RAWK on! for this new single. Not sure whether to take it seriously and slag it off or just not care either way and enjoy it (similar conundrum to, say, Royal Blood). Haven’t decided yet. (So sitting on the fence this week).

Sea Pinks — ‘Dream Happening’

Is the dream in ‘Dream Happening’ a good dream or a bit broken and only possibly wondrous? As is usual with Sea Pinks, though, a top psych-pop restless little jam to be sure. New album ‘Dreaming Tracks’ out at the end of the month via CF Records.

Zero 7 — ‘Simple Science’

Other younger and more ‘cool’ individuals may have taken their summery electro-dance sound and gained all the kudos in the last few years but the likes of these guys and Air and so on can still to it nonchalantly, albeit with lots of fancy expensive equipment. This is a pretty decent tune. Hopefully it will be a hit. Though it needs radio to get behind it, and this is where I get off.

Big Ups — ‘Justice’

We’ve already highlighted this one last week due to the fact a video was released for it. The single itself came out at the start of the year. Very mid-nineties grunge-punk. Very wonderful. We’ve all had weeks like this, haven’t we? Also love the way ‘justice’ sounds like he could be singing ‘just this’.

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Irk Thy Neighbour #3: Babybird — ‘Bad Old Man’

It feels like summer has already finished; the leaves are turning colour, the nights are getting cooler, and your neighbour has just won free tickets to see David Gray at the iTunes Festival and is celebrating by playing his ‘Great Indie Anthems Best Of’ CD. Inevitably, it’s ‘You’re Gorgeous’ by Babybird. Time to roll up your sleeves and whack up the volume on your stereo for this delightful ballad:

There are a few treats in Babybird’s back catalogue which could claim to be the antithesis of their big hit but this track is my pick, because on the surface it’s palatable. Wallow in that hypnotically melancholic piano riff and then sing loudly along to the lyrics detailing razor blades in ice cream. Released as the first single from the band’s second album, if ever a single was to provide a metaphorical two fingers to expectation it was this one. It broods menace, fear, intimidation and yet STILL manages to accommodate trade-mark singalong ‘sha-la-las’. It’ll get right on your neighbour’s wick.

John Hartley

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Interpol — ‘El Pintor’



Bit like fellow new-wave New Yorkers The Strokes, the Paul Banks-led Interpol hit the ground running with their winner of a debut ‘Turn On the Bright Lights’ back in the early 2000’s. The public snapped it up in decent numbers and many of the tracks became indie near classics in little time at all. By the time of the followup ‘Antics’ two years later– again, like The Strokes– things just didn’t sound as glowing or as flowing. By most accounts– again, like……– the band began to get progressively worse with each new record. Until now, that is.

It would seem that Interpol have finally turned the corner to the point that ‘El Pintor’ (an anagram of the band’s name) is their strongest record since that debut of 14 years ago. Which to some extent might not be saying that much, but worth mentioning nonetheless.

‘All the Rage Back Home’ sticks with that rock tradition of putting the recent and instantly recognisable single pinned to the front of the record. It’s a kickin’ bruiser of a tune, filled with forward-looking and flickering confidence that one assumes should go down wonderfully when played live. It makes you ask why Interpol don’t rock out in this positive and instant sort of fashion more often. They do it again– if perhaps less well– for third track ‘Anywhere’ but it doesn’t really have the same, er, balls.

The pondering, spinning ‘Same Town, New Story’ has a lovely repetitive shimmering riff that saves it, while ‘My Blue Supreme’ is– alongside the album’s opener– another of the better tracks, a slow-paced thriller of a tune with a ‘destination back-to-self’ languid chorus. ‘Breaker 1′ is also worth a mention; blocks of guitars and cold depth, less radio-friendly than some of the others– its influences not as obviously Smiths-Bunnymen–, but one of the more interesting tracks for this very reason.

‘El Pintor’, perhaps mainly due to Banks’ recognisable voice, couldn’t be anything but an Interpol record, and one that should also be lapped up by lovers of brooding alt.rock with its roots steeped in 80s northern UK indie.


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Watch the video for Big Ups wonderful grunge-punk single ‘Justice’

New York grunge-punks Big Ups released the wonderful Slint-Shellac-Scarfo-esque album ‘Eighteen Hours of Static’ at the start of this year on Tough Love/Dead Labour. The single, and arguably record highlight, ‘Justice’ now has a wonderful video to go with. Watch it below.

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Big game of the weekend-ah!: Everton vs Chelsea

lukaku: back to haunt former boss?

The home side go into this one generously priced at 13/5, and we believe it’s an absolute bargain. Chelsea may have strengthened since going down 1-0 in this fixture last season but there is doubts over the fitness of the thus far incisive Costa up top, while Everton are more or less as good if not better (though slight doubts remain over ex-Chelsea man Lukaku’s toe problem).

The Tofees sit on two points from two games but will be scratching their heads wondering why it’s not the full six, having tossed away leads late on to Leicester and Arsenal respectively.

Chelsea have started the season well enough too, dispatching Burnley and Leicester without much trouble, but only as expected. Their first big test comes at Goodison.

Stick your couple of quid on a home win here, with the win rush possibly the best bet considering Everton’s at times shaky defense.

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Euro football roundup #4

A first for our follow-a-team-through-the-European-competitions experiment as both of our teams in the play-offs won through to the main draw of their respective competitions.

Maribor were highly unfancied against relative giants Celtic, reprieved after a stuffing off Legia Warsaw in the previous round. But the Slovenian champions heaped an unwanted footnote in UEFA history to the former winners from Glasgow – being knocked out of the same competition twice in one season. On the face of it, Celtic’s 1-1 draw in Slovenia wasn’t a terrible result. The 1-0 defeat at Celtic Park however, was. Brazilian forward Marcos Tavares was the man with the crucial goal that sent Maribor into the group stage for the first time.

(Celtic had several chances but they lacked both cutting edge and composure in a mostly worrying night at Celtic Park. There was something inevitable about the way Maribor took the lead, and equally inevitable about Celtic’s failure to level things up– website Ed. and Celtic fan who– probably unfortunately– watched the game).

Without wishing to be patronising, but they were the teams most people would want to draw in that group stage and the theatrical fishing of balls from goldfish bowls handed them Chelsea, Schalke and Sporting CP. Tough, but also an opportunity to leave a mark on some fancied runners.

In the Europa League, the mammoth play-off round saw Rio Ave first travel to Sweden where they were beaten by Elfsborg, although Marcelo’s goal midway through the second half ensured that it was no disaster. 1-0 in the return would do them, and what d’you know? With the game locked at 0-0 and the Swedes looking forward to what many people refer to as the ‘round of far too f***ing many’ until Esmaël Gonçalves intervened. Pedro Martins threw the forward on late in the piece to replace right-back Lionn. With the game in the second minute of stoppages, he struck to deny Klas Ingesson’s side at the death and also picked up a caution for the celebration.

In the draw, Rio Ave were handed trips to Aalborg – defeated in the Champions League play-offs by APOEL Nicosia – Ukrainian giants Dynamo Kiev and another defeated Champions League side, Steaua Bucharest, who were undone in one of the all-time great penalty shoot-outs. Again, a tough draw.

How we work out who to follow should either Maribor or Rio Ave fail to get through their groups, I’ve no idea. There’s time to work that out yet.

John Dobson

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Friday wind-down # 11

This week, we make a belated escape. Not for us the Bank Holiday roads. No, us avant-garders go off a week later. Here’s your travel-themed wind-down for this Friday.
Razmataz Lorry Excitement – ‘China Town (Razmataz Lorry Excitement remix)’

Toy – ‘Motoring’

Listing Ships – ‘Tabla Acid Aria (Mender remix)’

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – ‘Waulking Song’

I don’t care if they spelt walking differently, it’s my playlist…
Propellerheads – Clang

Nor do I care that a propeller isn’t actually a method of transport. It fits well enough and it’s a good track. Get over it, seriously.
Lemon Jelly – Ramblin’ Man

An additional one above the usual five, largely because it’s brilliant and sort of fits the theme. And remember, Bagpuss sees all things.
There you go. Choose your mode of transport that will whisk you off for a beer. You’ve earned it.
John Dobson

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