The Bug shares video featuring recent lp cuts ‘Function/Void’

It’s a video to accompany two tracks off The Bug’s recent ‘Angels & Devils’ album so it’s not going to feature smiling children skipping trough a meadow, right? Well, you’re wrong. No, actually you’re right the bleak-future video, below, was directed by the people at London’s Factory Fifteen, and features moments of tracks ‘Function (ft Manga)’, and ‘Void (ft Liz Harris)’. Party along to below.

Lutine’s debut album ‘White Flowers’ streaming for one week only

Out tomorrow (September 29), Lutine’s Front and Follow-released debut lp ‘White Flowers’ is streaming for one week only. This is so as you can listen, decide that you love it, before ordering a copy/downloading from the usual places etc. The artwork looks lovely too…which should only help confirm your decision to get old of the record proper. Listen to ‘White Flowers’ in all its nature-touching glory below.

Postcode — ‘Year of The Zebra – Part One’

WORDS: John Hartley

On paper Postcode should be right up my street (no pun intended): a low-profile, honest-sounding indie band sharing their guitar-driven wares in the hope that someone, somewhere, sees their worth and helps them onto better things. Perhaps they just remind me of my own indie band failings – self-conscious vocals, being caught between earnest music and the need for something to stand out and catch the eye. In this latter case Postcode’s evident obsession with zebras comes across as being a little bit too affected and cutesy, and actually detracts from the music. Continue reading

Wild Smiles share video for single ‘Girlfriend’

Lately we big-upped Winchester punk-pop group Wild Smiles’ new single Girlfriend, lifted off the forthcoming album ‘Always Tomorrow’. The tune features the catchy line (that all blokes will nod in agreement along to) “my girlfriend likes to talk/my girlfriend likes to talk/woo-oo”. Perfect. Now we have an excuse to listen to the song all over again, due it now having a video to go with.

Irk Thy Neighbour #6: The Soupdragons — ‘Backwards Dog’

WORDS: John Hartley

So now the bloke across the road has gone and got himself a dog, and it seems like he’s sold his alarm clock to pay for it. I mean, why else would he stick the beast outside all night just so it can howl and bark the neighbourhood awake as soon as the sun thinks about popping its head over the parapet. It’s not even a pleasant looking dog; just one of those squat, foot tall cubes of sheer muscle and dribble. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so park your car outside his house, wind down the windows, wait for the lights to go out and send him off to sleep with this lullaby: Continue reading

Thom Yorke/Nigel Godrich release new record through BitTorrent

Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich have sprung a surprise, sharing new eight-track album ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ on paygate site BitTorrent. An accompanying letter says of this unique means of release: “If it works well it could be an effective way of handing some control of internet commerce back to people who are creating the work.”

Discover more, and stream the opening track ‘A Brain In a Bottle’, here.

‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ tracklist:

1 A Brain in a Bottle
2 Guess Again!
3 Interference
4 The Mother Lode
5 Truth Ray
6 There Is No Ice (For My Drink)
7 Pink Section
8 Nose Grows Some


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