Watch the video for Big Ups wonderful grunge-punk single ‘Justice’

New York grunge-punks Big Ups released the wonderful Slint-Shellac-Scarfo-esque album ‘Eighteen Hours of Static’ at the start of this year on Tough Love/Dead Labour. The single, and arguably record highlight, ‘Justice’ now has a wonderful video to go with. Watch it below.

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Big game of the weekend-ah!: Everton vs Chelsea

lukaku: back to haunt former boss?

The home side go into this one generously priced at 13/5, and we believe it’s an absolute bargain. Chelsea may have strengthened since going down 1-0 in this fixture last season but there is doubts over the fitness of the thus far incisive Costa up top, while Everton are more or less as good if not better (though slight doubts remain over ex-Chelsea man Lukaku’s toe problem).

The Tofees sit on two points from two games but will be scratching their heads wondering why it’s not the full six, having tossed away leads late on to Leicester and Arsenal respectively.

Chelsea have started the season well enough too, dispatching Burnley and Leicester without much trouble, but only as expected. Their first big test comes at Goodison.

Stick your couple of quid on a home win here, with the win rush possibly the best bet considering Everton’s at times shaky defense.

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Euro football roundup #4

A first for our follow-a-team-through-the-European-competitions experiment as both of our teams in the play-offs won through to the main draw of their respective competitions.

Maribor were highly unfancied against relative giants Celtic, reprieved after a stuffing off Legia Warsaw in the previous round. But the Slovenian champions heaped an unwanted footnote in UEFA history to the former winners from Glasgow – being knocked out of the same competition twice in one season. On the face of it, Celtic’s 1-1 draw in Slovenia wasn’t a terrible result. The 1-0 defeat at Celtic Park however, was. Brazilian forward Marcos Tavares was the man with the crucial goal that sent Maribor into the group stage for the first time.

(Celtic had several chances but they lacked both cutting edge and composure in a mostly worrying night at Celtic Park. There was something inevitable about the way Maribor took the lead, and equally inevitable about Celtic’s failure to level things up– website Ed. and Celtic fan who– probably unfortunately– watched the game).

Without wishing to be patronising, but they were the teams most people would want to draw in that group stage and the theatrical fishing of balls from goldfish bowls handed them Chelsea, Schalke and Sporting CP. Tough, but also an opportunity to leave a mark on some fancied runners.

In the Europa League, the mammoth play-off round saw Rio Ave first travel to Sweden where they were beaten by Elfsborg, although Marcelo’s goal midway through the second half ensured that it was no disaster. 1-0 in the return would do them, and what d’you know? With the game locked at 0-0 and the Swedes looking forward to what many people refer to as the ‘round of far too f***ing many’ until Esmaël Gonçalves intervened. Pedro Martins threw the forward on late in the piece to replace right-back Lionn. With the game in the second minute of stoppages, he struck to deny Klas Ingesson’s side at the death and also picked up a caution for the celebration.

In the draw, Rio Ave were handed trips to Aalborg – defeated in the Champions League play-offs by APOEL Nicosia – Ukrainian giants Dynamo Kiev and another defeated Champions League side, Steaua Bucharest, who were undone in one of the all-time great penalty shoot-outs. Again, a tough draw.

How we work out who to follow should either Maribor or Rio Ave fail to get through their groups, I’ve no idea. There’s time to work that out yet.

John Dobson

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Friday wind-down # 11

This week, we make a belated escape. Not for us the Bank Holiday roads. No, us avant-garders go off a week later. Here’s your travel-themed wind-down for this Friday.
Razmataz Lorry Excitement – ‘China Town (Razmataz Lorry Excitement remix)’

Toy – ‘Motoring’

Listing Ships – ‘Tabla Acid Aria (Mender remix)’

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – ‘Waulking Song’

I don’t care if they spelt walking differently, it’s my playlist…
Propellerheads – Clang

Nor do I care that a propeller isn’t actually a method of transport. It fits well enough and it’s a good track. Get over it, seriously.
Lemon Jelly – Ramblin’ Man

An additional one above the usual five, largely because it’s brilliant and sort of fits the theme. And remember, Bagpuss sees all things.
There you go. Choose your mode of transport that will whisk you off for a beer. You’ve earned it.
John Dobson

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Listen to fizzy and confident new HOAP single ‘Jamais Vu’

This probably the best thing the London guitar fizzers have thus far done. Displaying a straight-up carefree confidence and a little dash of sheen ‘Jaimais Vu’ edges away from the more lazy lofi of previous material, and it’s a pure winner. ‘Feel Something’ is the forthcoming record, and is available at the end of September via Marshall Teller.

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The Riduna Diaries, January 22 — 28, 2013

unnamedTuesday 22nd January 2013

A good writing session today. Amandine, also known as Braye Babe, is mulling over the idea of recording an album for the label, although she is quite keen to keep her French roots involved in the sound and I have to confess I am not so sure how marketable that will be. Apart from ‘Joe le Taxi’ what did Vanessa Paradis do for music, other than get involved with Lenny Kravitz? Actually, I’m not so sure that was a good thing.

Chatting to Amandine did get me wondering, though: the French have barely had any impact on the British charts, despite their geographical proximity. I mean, what have we got: Renee and Renato? Richard Clayderman. Actually though, I remember back in the late 1990s when I was working the sound desks at a few European festivals, there was that great song ‘Sexy Boy’ by AIR. I must give that a listen to again.

Anyway, the writing session ended up just being me, as Amandine couldn’t get away from the flower shop during the day and in the evening was due to give a flute recital. I did manage to get the bones of a song completed though. I’ll give the lyrics a tweak tomorrow.

Wednesday 23rd January 2013

More rain. It looks like the BBC were right after all when they were talking about the flooding down by Longis. It’s a great part of the island, Longis, and the anti-tank wall that lines the beach has been doing quite a good job of defending the lowlands from the more violent winter storms over the years too.

I tweaked the lyrics for the track written yesterday. It’s called ‘Roasting On The Cobwebs’. Ironic really, when it’s so cold outside. I can’t decide whether or no the lyrics suggest stifling heat or numbing cold:

“When it happens will it be like this
No air passing between these lips”

Meanwhile, I did a Twitter search for ‘SYLT’ to see if I could unearth some clues as to the whereabouts of their master tapes. No joy, but I did find another reference to Sylt involving lounge music. I thought maybe this could be an unusual new direction for our thrash metallers, and Chris from The Mignots rather cheekily suggested their new direction was ‘One Direction’. There was no comment from the band.

Thursday 24th January 2013

Contact from the outside world! One of the label’s fans got in touch via Twitter, although this was to inform me that the ‘contact’ page on the website wasn’t working properly. I have advised the technical people accordingly. The fan was trying to send a link to a musical tribute to HMV, done in the style of Elton John. HMV has, it seems, gone bust. It’s a shame, but on the other hand there isn’t a branch here on Alderney. The closest we get to any chain store is Le Cocq, who seem to get a lot of Tesco products in.

Friday 25th January 2013

I have decided to launch a search for Sheridan Mesnes’ long lost single ‘Breaking Water’. If I can find a decent enough copy I reckon I could be able to re-release it. Surely someone must have a copy in their loft somewhere. It’s on the ‘First and Last’ label and was released back in 1970 when Sheridan was a mere 17 years old. I don’t know how many copies it sold – it certainly didn’t chart, but was sufficient to get him a coveted support slot with Gilbert O’Sullivan.

I was also preparing to announce details of a forthcoming release from DJ Clonque. However, Dave rang this evening to say his computerised studio had crashed again and he couldn’t get the file in the right format or something.

Saturday 26th January 2013

Thought for a minute there was a farmer’s market on in Alderney this morning until I checked the details on Twitter a bit closer. It seems there’s an convention centre in Nova Scotia called Alderney Landing. I need to be a bit more careful.

Not to worry. I was still able to get some fresh farm produce from Le Cocq’s. I love the Kiln Farm black cherry yoghurts so bought a half dozen for the week. Should keep me going. I also got one of the lovely spinach and ricotta pasties from The Hot Bread Shop in town for lunch, as well as an Eccles Cake. I’ve not had an Eccles Cake for ages. It was lovely – perfect Saturday treat!

Monday 28th January 2013

Spent the day writing and painting. I started a portrait of Sheridan, using an old press photo as the source. I might do a portrait of all our acts. They’d look good on the walls of the studio.

Chris from The Mignots popped by this evening to hand me a demo tape of some ideas he has had for songs. He’s very keen to get more stuff recorded but as always money is, as Mick Hucknall would have it, too tight to mention. There were four tracks on the tape: ‘Two Things First’, ‘Too Old To Dress Like That’, ‘Find A Hill And Climb It’ and ‘I Just Didn’t Find It As Funny’. The last track was the most immediate. Let’s see what happens.

Greg Parmaterre

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The Bug — ‘Angels & Devils’

It’s never easy for any artist(s) following up a much-heralded and, perhaps era-defining, album like The Bug’s 2008 effort ‘London Zoo’. Usually these attempts– not unsurprisingly– come up short. ‘Angels & Devils’ by and large does too. Most of the sounds and styles here are similar to that previous album, there is no great departure. A wining formula– even one now five or six years dated-on– is for the most part stuck to here.

‘Fat Mac’ (feat. Flowdan) is possibly the closest thing here to the dark and battle-hardened dubstep of ‘Skeng’, and appears deep into the record’s heavier second side that also features a Death Grips contribution. On the first side ‘Fall’ (feat. Copeland) displays a trippy electro-psychedelia, including factory-worked ticking noises and slicing machinery. ‘Mi Lost’ (feat. Miss Red), meanwhile, is the dancehall track, albeit one where the generally perky vocal comes up against something of a less perky mood and some rolling, ground-level rhythms.

As it’s an album by The Bug many styles and musical ingredients are used, and guest vocalists are cleverly paired up with the right tracks suggesting such tracks were created with specific individuals in mind. ‘Angels & Devils’ is possibly not the most crucial record of the year, but pretty much a useful one.

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Listen to ‘I Love You’, the b-side to new Girl Band single ‘Da Bom Bom’

Fresh from playing support to Slint’s recent successful and bloomin loud Irish tour Dublin dont-give-fu*ck noise practitioners Girl Band have shared new tune called ‘I Love You’ (which must be the first song ever to be handed such a title), the b-side in fact to recent single ‘Da Bom Bom’. Listen below.


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