BEST OF 2014: Our writers choose their favourite albums of the year

The small but ultimately cuddly team behind this website recently put their thinking caps on and chose their favourite albums of 2014, just in time for the start of the Christmas shopping spree. Below find 20 gift ideas and wonderful beats aplenty, all wrapped up into nice little categories and then some…

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Watch Chelsea goalie Petr Cech drum along to the music of Coldplay and Foo Fighters

Bloody ‘ell Petr Cech looks the part of a real rock drummer, doesn’t he? Good to see him without that goalkeepers’ helmet for a change, too. In fact, good to see him full stop, being somewhat underused this season and all. Continue reading

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BEST OF 2014: And it goes a little something like list


While tweaking about with, and penciling down, early life albums-of-the-year lists recently, we started to realise how especially tricky it was this year.

Many of the albums– though pretty good– were artistically too competitively close to call. Like second-tier English football anyone was capable of beating anyone on their day. For example there were lots of most enjoyable retro-modern acid-techno LPs– Thug Entrancer, Bass Clef, Ekoplekz, Nochexxx– that we found especially tricky to rate in any sort of serious merit of order.

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Listen to ‘Into The Dunes’, the sun-reflecting new instrumental from Noveller

‘Into the Dunes’ has one of those Mono-type post-rock vibes going for it, all crescendo of guitar that slowly seeps into your subconsciousness, wonderfully hypnotizing like the sun reflecting off the ripples on a stream. ‘Fantastic Planet’ is the forthcoming album from Noveller (a.k.a. Sarah Lipstate) that is expected January 26 on Fire Records.

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Sun Kil Moon share new single ‘The Possum’

The recent unpleasant spat with War On Drugs has muddied the water a touch for Mark Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon project this year. Which is a shame because the album ‘Benji’ was not only one of Kozelek’s beset ever albums, but easily one of the better LPs of 2014 period. The band’s new single– that doesn’t appear on said album– ‘The Possum’ is a pleasant storyteller of a track, that changes tempo midway, about hanging out with Godflesh among other things. It’s also our tip to be this year’s Christmas number 1.

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The Friday wind-down new(ish) tunes special

By John Dobson

No theme this week, just some new(ish) tracks to wind down to. You’ve had a hard week – you deserve this.

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Listen to Big Ups / Washer four-track split single

New York grunge-punks Big Ups released one of our favourite singles and videos this year with ‘Justice’, a tune you should really have heard by now– about 59 times. Their album from where the track came’ Eighteen Hours of Static’ is out now on their own Big Ups label. A good year for them, then, has been made even better with the release of their split EP with Brooklyn band Washer. The release, which has both bands submitting two tracks each is entitled ‘Big Ups/Washer Split 7″, and you can listen to it streaming below.

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Ride are back: we pick their five best tunes

Ride this week have decided to hook-up again and play some dates in 2015. Not that exciting, really, but they did put out some decent tunes back in the day. Okay, it’s hard to get beyond what sounds like Tim Henman on vocals but if you manage to somehow blank this thought out of your head then below find some listening pleasures.

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