Ultimate Painting — ‘Ultimate Painting’

Jack Cooper of Mazes and James Hoare of Veronica Falls come together to deliver possibly as good as anything either one has so far put to tape with the debut (and, who knows, possibly only?) Ultimate Painting LP entitled, well, ‘Ultimate Painting’. One assumes this is nothing more than a side project, a break from their day jobs. ‘Can’t You See’ has a riff (if riff be what you call it) similar to the intro to Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ (in fact, you can imagine this album being the type of thing Kurt Cobain would’ve been a fan of). ‘Ten Street’, meanwhile, is a cuddly, psychedelic laid-back stroll, this time nicking some chords off The Stone Roses’ ‘What the World is Waiting For’. Warm, temporal, mildly experimental, ‘Ultimate Painting’ should be a thing of fancy for fans of Parquet Courts and White Fence. The album is out now on Trouble In Mind Records.

Friday wind-down 1998 special

By John Dobson

Herewith this week’s attempt at letting the previous five days seem less futile.

Don’t know why, but something this week reminded me of 1998, the second summer of love. By crikey, there were some good tunes around back then. At the time, I was living in East Yorkshire in a town with but one club. But that club played some bona fide bangers.

For this week’s Friday Wind Down, we’re gonna wind down like it’s 1998. Continue reading

Listen to Brooklyn hardcore punks Sick Feeling’s new single ‘Liberal Arts’


Bringing along much by way of that crucial Friday feeling Brooklyn hardcore punks Sick Feeling’s new single ‘Liberal Arts’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Suburban Myth’, is also perfect for having on, volume up to 11, driving along head-banging whilst dressed in whatever scary way you and your mates have decided to dress up in for Halloween.

Letters Sent: A Half Man Half Biscuit Interview

By John Hartley

Writing for Dukla Prague Away Kit is a pleasure. There are rarely deadlines, and our editor is quite open-minded when it comes to content. It occasionally springs up surprises, too. Take for instance the day about three weeks ago, when I learned through social media that the blog’s next – nay, only remaining challenge – was for an interview to be conducted with our favourite band Half Man Half Biscuit, and that the person who should be conducting that interview would be myself. Continue reading

Taylor Swift — ‘1989’

American pop golden girl Taylor Swift makes her big-day album return with ‘1989’, a record that isn’t much interested in the big budget-big sound production that usually dominates the albums of some of her ‘rivals’. Instead– probably influenced by the retro, A&R oldschool and song-based albums by Chvrches and HAIM– Swift goes for a late 80s/early 90s feel of the sort that used to near dominate the early days of FM radio. ‘1989’ (another LP with a clue in its title) is– kind of– a departure for Swift. Like a bowl of cornflakes, though, you know what you’re going to get with this record, and that is pop music that allows for some tried-and-tested if unimaginative dance-club moves, and no end of singalong FM pop-radio nuggets. In the end, it ticks all the boxes it’s meant to tick.

Watch new Deerhoof automobile-crushing video for ‘Mirror Monster’

Unbelievably San Fran punk-pop recreationists Deerhoof are celebrating their twentieth year with new “Ramones-inspired” album ‘La Isla Bonita’. We’ve had a couple of listens and  are still trying to decide how much we like it, or at least where it belongs in the fantastic Deerhoof LP cannon. But as we go about doing this the band themselves have shared new video for one of its tracks, ‘Mirror Monster’. It’s a bloomin’ good video featuring lots of automobiles being crushed at an automobile crushing plant.

Listen to New order’s Stephen Morris remix Fujiya & Miyagi’s ‘Daggers’

Fujiya & Miyagi’s latest album ‘Artificial Sweetners’ was a more electronic-flavored affair than what we were used to hearing from the Brighton ensemble. The band decided off the back of this to approach New Order drummer man Stephen Morris, and ask if he fancied having a go at remixing a track off the album because, as member David Best puts it “we thought it seemed natural to ask him to do it given his history”. It would seem, then, going by his rejig of the track ‘Daggers’ that you can listen to below, that the lovely Morris fella obliged.

[via the Quietus]

Brian Eno to reissue set of 1990s albums plus bonus material, listen to ‘Prague’


Brian Eno

Ambient godfather Brian Eno is to reissue a set 1990s albums, including bonus material, via the All Saints label. ‘Nerve Net’ (which includes bonus ‘lost’ 1991 album ‘My Squalchy Life’), ‘The Shutov Assembly’, ‘Neroli’, and ‘The Drop’ see the light of day on December 2. All albums will be available on vinyl except for ‘Neroli’ because it comes with an hour-long uninterrupted piece of drone that Eno didn’t want split entitled ‘My Space Music’. Below you can listen to ‘The Shutov Assembley’ cut ‘Prague’.