Mark Van Hoen — The Revenant Diary


One of the more crucial names in electronic and experimental music making, Mark Van Hoen, recently put out his most latest LP, the excellent The Revenant Diary. During the 1990’s he worked with Seefeel, and released cracking, before-their-time records as both Locust and Autocreation.

Safe to say, it’s another rather good piece of work, giving us more of that sinister, loop-based sound that he does so well, while also something else to keep us occupied while we wait on something new from Boards 0f Canada.  First class.

Locust —  ‘Truth is Born of Arguments’ (R&S, 1995)

In a way this LP sounds very much of its time yet if it was released today it would not seem at all out-of-place, if you follow me. The beautiful model on the front and back cover of this record was just one of the qualities to this most excellent piece of work from Mark Van Hoen, who also released stuff using the name of Autocreation.

I guess the now sadly defunct Melody Maker described the music within this LP better than most when it called it “high-tech Lo-Fi”. I myself will go with claustrophobic, industrial beauty. Referring to Locust as a more free-spirited and slightly bonkers Portishead is perhaps another way of getting to know their music. I always remember it as a very dark record yet it never at any time sounds particularly depressing. Oh and the model on the cover is Sarah Pritchard and despite my best hopes, her and I still remain unmarried to each other.

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