Veronica Falls — Heartbeats / Killing Time 7″

This London group have all the right ingredients. They sound equal parts 60’s garage band, equal parts C86. What we here on the blog– and many others it would seem– can tell by listening to them is that they are very good. There is a lot of these indie retro-pop bands doing the rounds at the minute (from Vivian Girls through to Pains Of Being Pure At Heart) but Veronica Falls are the best of the bunch.

Their songs dont drift or drag; no mutton dressed as lamb here. Not suggesting for one minute those acts just mentioned can be thus described but you get what we mean (please tell us you do). The subtle indie-goth pop power of this band has them a cut above most. The harmonies, the “is it a love song or isn’t it?” are all alive and, sort of, kicking here. Their self-titled LP from last year was one of that year’s best, and this new single is yet more of that splendid and ultra confident wonky-ness they do so well. Read more about it and listen to it here. The B-side is a more quieter and pensive, innocent love song: “I’ve got some time to kill, and I’d like it if you killed some time with me”. Sweet.

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