John Peel’s record collection goes online

The Space is the, er, place where from tomorrow (May 1st) you will be able to access John Peel’s record collection. The massive collection– including something like 24,000 LP’s– will be put up on the site to browse and listen to over a period of time, with the plan being that 100 records per week will be added, all free to browse. It’s good that the great John Peel’s collection is being made available this way, and you must assume that Peel himself would have approved.

I know I will be keeping a close eye on exactly what music shows up, while looking out for the stuff that especially interests me (let’s hope there is much by way of techno and drum ‘n’ bass). It’s already being called a “virtual museum”, that will include images of sleeves and how much Peel rated each record. If memory serves me well John would rate each release by marking stars on the back of the sleeve between one and five. Find the people behind all this on Twitter here.

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