Hospitality — Hospitality

images (2)Hospitality are the latest members of the indie book-readers club, started by the Sundays, taken up by Even As We Speak, then more or less owned by Scottish duo Belle And Sebastian and Camera Obscura.

This blog is only the six months late in picking this record up but, hey, you  know what it is they say so no point in me repeating it here. This self-titled record from the New York ensemble can sometimes sound inoffensive and cotton wool-y, but that’s the glass half empty view, or if you happen to be feeling a bit fed up and not able to exactly catch the mood.

If so you don’t need to put this record on, but if you happen to be feeling a little more happier, and ready to step outside and let the fresh air blow into your face as you feel both good and with spring in step, then flick through your iPod, and when you get to the letter ‘H’ look for Hospitality, then press play and enjoy the consistent folksy poptastic-isms that this LP has in abundance. You might get a little disinterested after around five songs in and fancy some heavy dubstep or whatever but go ahead and do it that way if you will, as long as you enjoy Hospitality when it is on. You should, as it’s quite good, and full of one almost effortlessly catchy tune after another almost effortlessly catchy tune– and musically just the right side of interesting.

So make room in your iPod or CD collection for this record. Smile-inducing sweetness and a big bag of melodies it isn’t half. Let’s tag it ‘indie-pop’. Can you think of a better idea?

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One Response to Hospitality — Hospitality

  1. 70dayweekend says:

    You’re totally right – it’s perfect when you’re in the right mood for it.

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