Deep Time — Deep Time // Mind Spiders — Meltdown

images (1)The first thing I heard when listening to this enjoyable boy-girl Texan act is that Jennifer Moore (for it is she) sings in similar fashion to Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier. If you also happen to like Electrelane, Fear of Men, and even– going back further– Elastica then you are advised to check this lot out. It’s for the most part bright, slanted and full on poptastic.

It’s on Hardly Art (which calls what they do “oddball art-pop”), who have already put out one of the best indie pop LP’s of 2012 with La Sera and her Sees the Light record. There is no way one can have a gripe with the bunch of joy that is this record. Click on the link above for a couple of free downloads. Read more about them over at the 70dayweekendblog.

header-homepage_largeHere Mark Ryan hires a musically tight bunch of dudes– including two drummers– and together they fire out a cracking set of fuzzing and fizzing, hook-laden garage-rock. Sometimes they have me recalling late-90s Brit-pop act Supergrass if that band were more lo-fi and into their cult sci-fi comics. (Not saying that Mind Spiders are into sci-fi comics but then again you never know). The Texan band– who refer to their own sound on their Myspace as ‘melodramatic’ and ‘popular song’– are yet another of the seemingly endless stream of young upstarts peddling a garage-rock sound.

These acts are truthfully a dime-a-dozen these days– with the likes of Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees quite possibly Champions League– yet it would be a shame if this LP gets overlooked amid all of this. This record is chock full of little, hook laden and joyous rock-pop gems. In fact Meltdown is a brilliant way to start 2012; not short of spiky tunes and touches of appealing oddness.

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