Konx-om-Panx — Regional Surrealism

Konx-Om-PaxThis is an LP release from Tom Scholefield, a Glaswegian who also creates 3D vids and sleeve artwork. You may remember him working for such artists as Kuedo, Mogwai and the not dissimilar Oneohtrix Point Never. This album is unmistakably a work of real good quality; weird as f*ck, sometimes sinister but always timeless, and worthy of a place at the beatless, cinematic and wayward electro table.

He recently told the Quietus much of what is on the record is a combination of things that he’s been working on going back as far as six years, while any concept to the record is more “of a subconscious thing, where I realised what it was after it was finished.” While the brilliant Planet Mu have been getting more of a spotlight lately through their footwork releases (and correctly so), it’s good to know this kind of thing is still being done as magical as Regional Surrealism has it. Some of what is on here is also right up there with Boards Of Canada at their off-kilter and chilled best.

Telling people about this record is going to be tricky because the name he has chosen to call himself is a bit of a mouthful, and this writer is not quite sure how to say it (not exactly ‘The View’ is it?) but still, it takes nothing away from the spooky and chilled atmospheric music he makes.

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