Six things we’re hoping for less during the coming football season

Less of… Alan Green telling foreign players to “get up son and stop rolling around, you’re a disgrace to your profession”.

Less of… Colin Murray getting forcibly cosy during MOTD2 to the extent that he looks just short of removing his shoes and socks.

Less of… The media shouting about Wayne Rooney and comparing him to Messi and Ronaldo as soon as he scores more than one goal against Wigan.

Less of… Managers and pundits saying the Premier League is the “best league in the world”. (It’s even more nauseating if they also happen to be from places that isn’t England).

Less of… ITV having not one, not two, but three pundits during a CL game to get a word in when they’re not on a commercial break. I’m happy with one.

Less of… People phoning into those after match phone-ins and using the word “gutted”.

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