DIIV — ‘Oshin’

homepage_large.d500e10fThis is another band on Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks, a label that seems to love putting out music from (mostly) American white boy indie bands who sound like they’ve spent a considerable amount of time locked in a room with nothing but a stack of CD’s by the Smiths and New order (and a player for which to play them on obviously).

The resulting records are usually nice sounding little beasts, inoffensive and not exactly the most crucial things you’re likely to hear. But no matter. Despite the obvious pop-isms Diiv (not sure about the name) are fond of the more avant means of song construction, so don’t expect much by way of traditional verse-chorus shenanigans or hearing what they’re singing about, because when they bother to do just that you can’t decipher many of the words. Not sure about you but we at the blog never really let that particular thing become an issue.

Diiv also sound a lot like ’80s Australian band The Church (‘Follow’ and ‘Human’ especially),  as well as a more recent act that go by the name of Real Estate; all hazy, offbeat alt.rock. They can also throw in the odd, kind of, curveball where they get a little more  tense and dark, especially during the title track, recent single ‘Doused’, and the ‘Druun’ instrumentals. Wether you will be digging out this LP in a few years time is less certain but it’s worth allowing some time right now at least.


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One Response to DIIV — ‘Oshin’

  1. 70dayweekend says:

    “American white boy indie bands” – aren’t those the only kind of indie bands?

    I really like that track “Doused” though.

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