Fighting With Wire — ‘Colonel Blood’

album-alert-fightingwithwire_blogThis is the second LP from Derry rock act Fighting With Wire and one assumes they are a more finely-drilled and experienced ensemble since they released their first and previous album way back in 2008.

This album has been hanging about for a while as the band waited to be singed up, and has finally seen the light of day on Xtra Mile recordings. Fighting With Wire are one of those bands who play a family-friendly brand of metal, which basically means a softer take on RAWK! If you’ve heard anything by Biffy Clyro then you will have an idea what this is.

They sing songs touched with emotion and always seeking some sort of answer or way out. At least this band– whether it’s as real as they’re trying to make it appear– can’t be accused of sounding safe or comfortable with their lot.

The blueprint for this kind of thing is all present and correct, and Fighting With Wire are going to continue to have their fans no doubt showing up at gigs, shaking heads feverishly while on occasion singing the lyrics off by heart as if nothing else in life matters. And why not? Whether this is your bag or not, one can’t argue with the fact that they’re good at what they do.

They also list Fugazi as an influence, and though maybe not as loud or non-compromising as that band, still get extra points for the influence alone. This writer also saw them play live a year or two ago, and pretty decent they were too; both Fighting With Fire, and Fugazi.

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