Ringo Deathstarr — ‘Mauve’

ringo1Third LP from the Austin, Texas sonic whizz-kidz, mixing feedback with their dark, intense wasted take on rock. They fuse their influences pretty well (see also No Age, Deerhunter, The Men) , coming across as a mightily confident bunch.

‘Rip’, and ‘Burn’ begin the album, and so far so Isn’t Anything-era My Bloody Valentine; both to-the-point, female vocal-led, direct hit shoegaze drill; ‘Slack’ is another standout, and this one is more reminiscent of another top band from the era, Swervedriver. This tune is a fast-paced, blindingly good tension-and-static filled tune, with the chorus “do you feel /  what I feel inside” sung by bassist Alex Gehring in a just about controlled way, that comes across as quite possibly autobiographical.

Elsewhere, ‘Drag’ goes all Curve-meets-Beachouse on our asses, ‘Do You Wanna’ slings loose, half disdainful, half playful, and the record closes with the odd sway-and-stoned jam that is ‘Wave’. And so the party is at an end, it’s 2am and time for that taxi. But we had fun.  Unlike the other countless bands currently doing something not dissimilar to this, Ringo Deathstarr have more oomph, they are undoubtedly a bit alright.

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