Ty Segall — Twins

tn-e1345645330790The San Fran musician has fast become possibly the No1 seed in the modern-day garage-rock scene. His output is quite impressive considering his short career, almost as if, like a sportsman, he arrives first for training and stays behind after the others have gone; always in the zone, honing his skills. Like Guided By Voices or Thee Oh Sees Ty Segall is full of material.

During Twin he doesn’t disappoint, churning yet more quality garage-rock outs (Thank God For Sinners, Handglams), and 60s psychedelia (‘The Hill’, ‘Love Fuzz’). And like the other acts mentioned, much more of this stuff is pretty handy fare than– considering the amount of it he produces–  perhaps has the right to be. The material that makes up this album is supremely lo-fi, retro in verse and chorus, and terrifically catchy. Timeless, even.

As you should already be aware this is LP No3 for Ty this year. First we had the collaboration with White Fence and the psyche-tinged summery Hair, then the more heavier, scarier Slaughterhouse released under the Ty Segall Band moniker, and now Twins, which comes across as sort of halfway house between the two. On this occasion he is just good old Ty Segall. A crucial bit of information. Still with loads of feedback and screech, it is another recommended set of tunes that should– whether you are a completest or beginner– provide thirty-five minutes of garage-punk pleasure, 2012 style.

Twins positively drags in all manner of grunge-ness, it rocks in quite a loud fashion, it never lets up, and is not short of joyous little, stick-in-head guitar riffs. Another good thing about Twins is that it is about as varied as Ty has allowed himself to be on an album. So for us we get a nice mix of psychedelia, garage, low-slung hippy rock, and screeching pop. Fun, baby!


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