Thee Oh Sees — ‘Putrifiers II’ // Deerhoof — ‘Breakup Song’

Thee-Oh-Sees-Putrifiers-IIJohn Patrick Dwyer’s Thee Oh Sees are another prolific bunch– See also fellow San Fran’s Ty Segall– whose albums are always worth investigating due to the quality within them. Maybe less ramshackle than the group’s earlier work, but unlike when the majority of acts polish things up and smooth the edges something gets lost, all the while sounding uniform and personality-less, here Dwyer and crew keep a certain wonky-ness, a just left-of-center feel (again similar to Ty Segall).

So what we have with Putrifiers II is the lovably portentous, psych-abilly ‘Will We Be Scared’, the Django Django-like ‘Hang a Picture’– complete with high-pitched vocals and upbeat glam-fuzz– the tribal, campfire-hippie ‘So Nice’, and the supreme 60s garage-beat– including some of those crucial ‘bah-bah-bah-bah’s’– of ‘Flood’s New Light’. Putrifiers II doesn’t take itself too seriously, all the while just remaining the right side of whimsy.


After two or three really good LPs around the mid-to-late 2000’s the San Fran pretties released an only occasionally good record with Vs Evil. So what of this new one? Well they are certainly a group that don’t rest for very long, if not touring they’re recording, collaborating, or just downright having fun. And fun is something that has returned with Breakup Song (one hopes it’s a slight dig at the increasingly amount of records sold as ‘Breakup’ these days….zzzzzz).

There are more beats, computer game bleeps , twitches and touches (‘Bad Kids to the Front’), even Deerhoof does Jazz (The ‘Trouble With Candyhands’), but the standout is final cut ‘Fete D’Adieu’, which demonstrates more melody and room to breath in comparison to the tightness and all round cheery racket going on elsewhere here.

The question is, are the fans that were there at the beginning a decade ago still there, or have a new set of younger ones come on board? With Deerhoof it’s hard to tell. But one thing for sure is they’re still liked by a solid bunch of lovers of pop quirkiness.

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