Metz — ‘Metz’

12158From what we’ve been hearing about this self-titled LP from Toronto band Metz it had been worked on and honed for a while in order for the band to get a completed disc that they thought was worthy enough. This concept can more often than not fail miserably, maybe not always commercially but certainly so far as listening pleasure goes. When music-making becomes overly planned, discussed and debated it generally loses some magic. This is art after all, not architecture.

Interesting then that Metz wins out in the end. You see it is the energy, the riffs, that feeling of it being impossible not to rock your head, move your feet along to. Think the propulsive post-punk power of Fugazi (‘Sad Pricks’, ‘Wet Blanket’), the big sounding, all-encompassing guitar-and-drums of In Utero-period Nirvana (‘Headache’, ‘Knife’ in the Water).

Yes it does sound totally like it is 1993 again, but in an era when some people who should know better keep telling us that guitars are uncool, this is an LP– see also The Men’s Open Your Heart– that replies with a surefire: “is that right, well then, EAT THIS!”.

There is admittedly no real departure from the sound already described, but what Metz showcases from beginning to end is a real power, a genuine kick-ass crunch that was grunge-punk at its very finest. Not surprisingly, released on the re-awakened Sub Pop label.

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