t – woc — ‘Hoshorom’

IVA1300-T-woc-Hoshorom-Front-1024x1024This is the latest corking release brought into the world for our collective thanksgivings via Invisible Agent. If I have the correct t – woc then this t – woc is a bloke from Dublin who, going by this smacker of a seventeen-minute, 4-track EP is a dab hand when it comes to voice sampled, beat-funk electro all done in a Luke Vibert stylee.

Hip-hop beats, playful acid squelches, bizarre musical shapes that seem to come together, meet in the middle against all the odds. And this only describes third cut ‘sufferers’. Elsewhere, things are more spaced out and trickety, whether it’s the skitter-footwork in ‘bacaloa’, or the harder-edged, slow-break dubstep in ‘enough’.

Each track is different to the one that came before, with the perhaps biggest change kept for the final, and longest, cut ‘pantog’; here it’s more about the ambience and the dub, the comedown as the sun rises. Nicely done.

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