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Friday wind-down Orbital sadly (again) no more KEXP special

Distressing news in the week that Orbital are calling it a do after 25 years. Yes, they did split between 2004 and 2012, but when they came back with the album ‘Wonky’ – as good an album as ever they’d made – it looked like they’d be around a while longer yet. Not so.

So as they go their separate ways, let us indulge ourselves as the working week winds to a close. A live set for Seattle radio station KEXP.

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The Twilight Sad — ‘Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave’

Wintry-emotive indie act The Twilight Sad nowadays do their angular, tripping-down-the-stairs Krautrockian indie-noise in a less abrasive, angrier style, instead things generally more smoothed out and radio-friendly. They now remind this writer of underrated late-80s Dublin band Into Paradise. And in a way this is what’s disappointing. Their earlier records were more unique, positively flawed than this one. But, equally, others may prefer it.

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Listen to Gang Gang Dance remix Soft As Snow’s ‘All Our Beasts’

Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance reworks Soft As Snow’s ‘All Our Beasts’, found on the ‘Glass Body’ EP that came out this summer on Houndstooth. Here find him stretching out and adding some beats and pieces to the original’s offkilter, spooky contemplation. The track is off ‘Glass Body Remixed’, expected next week. Check out the tracklist below.

‘Glass Body Remixed':

A1. Halo Heart (Lucy Remix)
A2. All Our Beasts (Gang Gang Dance Brian DeGraw Remix)
B1. Glass Body (Factory Floor Gabe Gurnsey Remix)
B2. Black Birds (Maria Minerva Rework)

[Via TinyMixTapes]

Merx & Nystada — ‘Turbulence’

Nystada and Wolfgang Merx recorded and mixed these seven tracks over a nine-day period, with the result “each one a pleasure to make”, according to the former musician. The unashamedly-titled ‘Motorik’ has a 4/4 beat that seems to turn it into a sequenced/squelch-y Kraftwerk for the ’84 Detroit club scene. For the gloomier, foggier ‘Undergrund’ the beat pushes along in a wrestles manner, like a living, still curious heart pumping under water, and ‘Turbulenz’ is an eight-minute tricksy synth squiggler, slowly-revealing-yet-never-revealing.

Listen to ‘Turbulence’ here.

Boothroyd — ‘Idle Hours’

Fitting nicely into the disagreeable but irresistible harsh post-everything sounds that is Tri Angle Records (WIFE, Haxan Cloak, Fis) Peter Boothroyd– for it indeed be he– puts out four tracks together entitled, rather suitably, ‘Idle Hours’. In a recent interview with Dazed he talked about his youth spent “in a shit little working class town where nothing has happened for about 400 years”. Points lost, of course, for calling a working class area “shit” (there are already enough arrogant people who’ve never so much as spent a day in such places who see them, mistakenly, as just that), but we’ll forgive him. After all, his way with a bleak melody, and concrete-laced, twisting-and-broken technotronic beat can only be a good thing. Just don’t try playing this down the club. At least not a club in the conventional sense.

Wonderful London band The Wharves share videos for new singles ‘Renew’ and ‘The Grip’

New-wave trio in harmonium– and one of our favourite new bands of 2013– The Wharves release their much-anticipated debut long-player ‘At Bay’ (artwork above) through Gringo Records on November 3. The first single off it is the wonderful upbeat ‘Renew’, followed by the moodier ‘The Grip’. Watch the videos for both of those below. And then find yourself a fan forever.