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Andy Stott reveals details of new album, listen to ‘Violence’

The eighteenth best album of 2012– according to us anyway– was the trippy-floaty envelope pushing joy of Andy Stott’s ‘Luxury problems’. The man himself has been busy lately working with 50% of the amazing Demdike Stare, Miles Whittaker, for one of 2014’s best albums ‘Dropping The Vowels’ under the guise of Millie & Andrew. News reaches us today that Stott’s back with another solo set in the offing, ‘Faith In Strangers’, due through Modern Love on November 17. In the meantime you can busy yourself checking out one of the tracks, ‘Violence’, below.

‘Faith In Strangers’ tracklist:

01.Time Away
02. Violence
03. On Oath
04. Science & Industry
05. No Surrender
06. How It Was
07. Damage
08. Faith In Strangers
09. Missing

The Indie Tube Traveller’s Top 10

WORDS: John Hartley

London. Capital city of England and, by unfortunate default, the United Kingdom. It gets some stick – sometimes quite rightly, but more often it is the symptom not the cause of the problem. It is not London’s fault, for example, that politicians cannot see beyond its boundaries; neither is it the city’s fault that the media believes that everyone in the rest of the country cares about goings-on in London but that London does not care about goings-on in the rest of the country. It is not London’s fault that the Royal Family choose to reside there most of the time. On the other hand, London has some things of which we should all be proud: a massively multicultural and generally tolerant population, fine historic architecture, and the artistic masterpiece that is the Map of the London Underground, as designed in 1931 by Harry Beck. In celebration of this artwork, here is the Indie Tube Traveller’s Top 10, staring with the generic ‘London’ to set the mood .
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Irk Thy Neighbour #5 British Sea Power — ‘Apologies To Insect Life’

WORDS: Neighbourly John Hartley

When a group of your neighbours decide to form a local reading group, well, things can only go one way. Although it seems churlish to refuse you declare there is little point in poring for hours over ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Undeterred, the group continues to invite you, and when it’s the chairman of the Neighbourhood Watch Committee’s turn, and he suggests ‘Crime and Punishment’ it is clearly time for drastic action. Oh, you tell the group, as luck would have it you know a song about Dostoyevsky… Continue reading

The Friday wind-down another remix special

WORDS: John Dobson

As you probably know by now, these tidbits to ease the pain of not being able to knock off early on a Friday and to accompany that last hour or so of clockwatching have had a theme running through them. Sometimes, inspiration comes from the news, but I can’t find anything in the news that really seems worth mentioning. So when all else fails, fall back on some remixes…

Klangkuenstler – ‘Man On The Moon’ (Miguel Campbell remix)

Superfew – ‘Jo Gurt’ (Stephan Bodzin remix)

Timmy Thomas – ‘Rainbow Power’ (DJ Fizz soulful mix)

Cheval Sombre – ‘Couldn’t Do’ (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix)

Conscious Kalling – ‘New Awakening’ (Akasha remix)

Now let’s have a look at the paper… OH MY GOD SCOTLAND HAS DONE WHAT???
Have a nice weekend.

Kemper Norton — ‘Loor’

WORDS: Bryan Drummond

‘Loor’ is the sound of Ivor Cutler’s distant southern cousin politely gate-crashing a Boards Of Canada bonfire, before proceeding to softly recite poetry to a requited Anglo-Saxon wife. ‘Loor’ is the sound of ambient swimming in a naked morning sun, as mercury boils in a tepid ghost-like dream. ‘Loor’ is the sound of distorted robots crying as the moon awakes us. ‘Loor’ is the sound of a floating piano bobbing further from the metallic shore. ‘Loor’ is mad as the night, as a metaphysical oceanographer pulls on the blue anchor, setting sail for the quiet waves, exploring the world through a turquoise-coloured window.

‘Loor’ is released through Front and Follow on October 27.