The House Of Love’s top 10 tracks

Late 80’s / early 90’s Creation / Fontana band The House Of Love were in some ways a conundrum: paving the way for the shoegaze scene, yet were never really shoegaze; a really good indie band, but perhaps not your average indie types. They wrote some big, proper rock-pop songs, and if they came along today would in some ways sound fresh and contemporary. Below find 10 of the best.

10 32nd Floor

Several years into the band’s career and HoL begin branching out, polishing up their sound to match those ‘baggy’ rivals. The band still capable of churning out top kickin’ tunes aplenty. Great one to sing along to.

9 Safe

This one never appeared on any of their studio albums, which gives us some idea of just how good they were. A slow-paced rollicking filibuster.

8 Blind

Popular tear jerker.

7 Flow

Nice psychedelic-tinged pop tune, showcasing the band’s potential from an early stage.

6 Shine On

There’s always one tune of which a band is identified and recalled the most. Shine On was HoL’s big one. Oddly, it was first released as their debut single in 1987. The guitar here, again, nothing short of punchdrunk sensational.

5 On The Hill

Brilliant early tune that sounds like PJ Harvey before PJ Harvey sounded like PJ Harvey. Also featuring founding member Andrea Heukamp, who left at the end of ’87.

4 Christine

Dark and romantic sums up many of HoL’s tunes, and here they are just that, as well as at their radio friendly, tremulous best.

3 Real Animal

Early jangler but hard-hitter of a single, Wonderful stuff.

2 The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes

This 1991 comeback single is one of the most underrated songs ever. Period. So so beautiful, and yet always seems to be quite melancholic and sad. Also, those glistening chords are almost unmatched, anywhere. The band no longer gracing the front of the music press by this point, but nevertheless as crucial as ever.

1 Destroy The Heart

Early classic, and I suppose a predictable winner. Better get the word “shimmering” out-of-the-way, then? Shimmering.