Kab Driver — ‘Kab Driver’ // The Host — ‘The Host’

225875280-1Kab Driver is David Baxter, pals with Barry Lynn (Boxcutter/the Host), and sometimes DJ man with the Reset nights at Belfast’s Menagerie club. This new longplayer from him is an example of what can happen if an electronic/techno etc producer/DJ displays most if not all of his influences on the one record. And so we get a decent-sized range of stuff going on within, from house to electro-funk, post-Wagon Christ drum n bass/jazz to echo-and-drone.

From start to finish Kab Driver can be enjoyed without need for it to be unpicked or studied too deeply. Which is quite possibly not a bad thing in itself. The record is a playful and retro set (fourteen tracks in fact), unmistakably nicely crafted, while admittedly not offering up anything that could be viewed as new.

homepage_large.65ebf382Usually found doing post-Squarepusher drum’n’bass type things as Boxcutter, Ireland’s Barry Lynn (as he is also otherwise known) has, with this LP as The Host, decided to do some of that synth soundrack-y sort of thing not dissimilar to Kuedo’s Severant (including elements of the Chicago-based skittery footwork sound) that dropped last autumn on the very same label.

If you liked that record’s retro-futurism then chances are you will want to check this one out too. If anything it still has some of those recognisable spaced out funky fun Lynn samples and sounds that those who will be aware of his earlier Boxcutter work will still appreciate. Oh and it is also available in limited edition cassette, for any cassette fans who happen to be out there.